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Designer Explains: Scandinavian Outdoor Spaces

By: Casey Gerber

June 18, 2015

It’s no secret; we love Scandinavian Design. But let’s be real- how can you not love the minimal palette, clean shapes, and overall ethereal quality? Since the weather’s warm enough to bring our favorite design styles outside, we’ve enlisted one of our knowledgeable designers Michelle Rose Bryant, to explain how Scandinavian Design can be incorporated into your outdoor space.

Since the Nordic countries experience so little warm weather, Scandinavians are expert at highlighting natural elements within their homes. Nearly all Nordic homes have large windows and white finishes, emphasizing nature on both the inside and outside,” Michelle tells us. But now that summer has arrived, Scandinavians are able to fully embrace the season and exercise their superb outdoor decorating skills.

Scroll through and take a cue from Scandinavia to scheme the perfect outdoor space!

Outdoor Inspiration:

Teak and rattan woods are common materials in Scandinavian Design and can easily be integrated on a patio or deck,” Michelle says. As always, comfort and versatility play a large role. The furniture in this outdoor space is topped with cozy blankets and pillows, just in case a chilly summer breeze rolls through.


A rustic tabletop and set of ironclad chairs blend smoothly with the dark woods and greenery of this simple backyard.


This patio looks like the ideal hang for a relaxing summer day. Clean, utilitarian compositions flow well with beautiful and comfortable elements, like the sheepskin throws and grey velvet cushions.


Nordic simplicity at it’s best. Although the furniture is sparse, this outdoor space is functional and includes just what it needs: a spot to lay out and catch some rays.


We love the play between black and white on this Scandinavian patio. Monochromatic color schemes are big in Scandinavian Design, but the neutral shades are made up for with plenty of plant life.


Could there be a more ideal space for an intimate gathering of friends? Nature is integrated in all areas while stark white pillows make a purposeful and elegant statement.


This lovely patio garden takes full advantage of natural materials and organic form.



1. FA -65 Franco Albini Rattan Ottoman

2. Skargaarden Boo Fire Basket

3. Skargaarden Oxno Armchair

4. Ernatrop Outdoor Rug

5. Kubus Black Bowl

6. Skargaarden Nyan Outdoor Pillow













With this trove of inspiration, you should be well on your way to a Scandinavian summer (we’re definitely taking some of these tips home)!

If you want to know more about Michelle and check out some of her designs, visit michellerosebryant.com or head to her Laurel & Wolf designer page to work with her on your next design project!

xoxo, Laurel and Wolf

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