Although water covers about 71% of the Earth’s surface, most people aren’t lucky enough to live near a beach. The coast represents an oasis, a warm, sandy paradise of beachy breezes and cotton candy sunsets. But if you live in a hot, desert region like Arizona or the flat plains of Kansas, an airy beach house filled with sea glass and sandy tones would look pretty out of place. Luckily, interior design is all about balance. So if coastal style and beachy décor make you feel at home, then we’ll show you how to express your love

Image via House Beautiful Whether you’re a “go pink or go home” kind of person, or just starting to appreciate the flirty hue, you probably know one thing: this color is trending big. From bolder, coral shades to subtler, pastel tones, pink can act as everything from a neutral to a statement hue. So in honor of this versatile hue, we’re rounding up the most inspiring rosy rooms. Pink Elegance Soft, rosé shades, whether patterned or solid, freshen up the room with effortless elegance and femininity. These Parisian-inspired spaces exude a sense of unabashedly girly glamour, perfect for

Image via Architectural Digest You don’t have to follow each planetary retrograde to know that there’s some sense to astrology. After all, people seem to guess you’re a Pisces within minutes of meeting you. And we all have that one friend who’s a total Gemini. So why try to fight the stars, whether it’s in your love life or your decorating style? This summer, we’re all about designing rooms that feel like a permanent vacation, so we called upon our resident astrologist for some décor advice to perfectly suit your sign. Consider this your

Image via Architectural Digest When you have your eyes glued on Orlando Bloom in the latest Pirates of the Carribean movie, it’s pretty easy to forget that he’s a father. But that’s one way that celebrities are just like us — they have families. They also have homes. So in honor of Father’s Day, we’ve rounded up the homes of some of our favorite famous dads and their families. Though they may not be able to tell a Dad joke like your old man, they do have some serious style when it

Image via House Beautiful We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again — in the summertime, we prefer doing everything outdoors. And we mean everything. Dining al fresco? Of course. Working outside? Don’t mind if we do. Showering in the open air? You better believe it. However, there are some specific requirements our outdoor washrooms must have: beauty, cool and high-quality design. Because when nature calls, it should call in style. California Contemporary Palm trees, lemon trees and contemporary design are just a few things that California has to

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